Choose a steel strap or a leather strap

Let’s talk about the steel strap first. The steel strap is usually made of 316L stainless steel, which is hard and heavy, giving people a solid and reliable feeling. The steel strap is very durable and can be used for more than ten years if properly maintained. . However, the production process of stainless steel watchbands is more complicated, and the price is naturally not cheap. The stainless steel expression price of high-end replica watches uk even exceeds 10,000 yuan. A good stainless steel watchband is finely polished, polished and wire-drawn, and has a very good metal texture.

Let’s talk about leather straps. Leather straps are a general term, because they are very rich in types. There are calfskin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin, snake skin, lizard skin and other different leathers. Of course, these are all genuine leather. There are also cheap artificial leathers in the strap. Generally, high-end watch brands are equipped with leather straps, which are expensive, while low-end watches may be equipped with artificial leather straps.

The leather strap is soft and comfortable to wear, and looks more elegant and generous than the stainless steel strap, especially suitable for business occasions. Many high-end brand replica watches will be specially equipped with crocodile leather straps, because its lines are very beautiful and more sophisticated. However, compared with steel straps, leather straps have a much shorter service life. Usually, they need to be carefully maintained. Generally, a new leather strap needs to be replaced every two years.