The more expensive the watch, the more accurate it is

The more expensive the watch, the more accurate it is. Simply speaking of the accuracy of timing, the most accurate is the electronic watch. Its intelligence can even be error-free, and it is also the cheapest. The monthly error rate of a quartz watch is within ten seconds, and the last is a mechanical replica watches. Although a mechanical watch is relatively the most expensive, due to its own structural limitations, even an advanced movement tested by the observatory has a daily error rate of five. About six seconds.

First of all, let's understand the timing principle of the watch. To see whether a mechanical watch is accurate, it depends on its swing frequency. What is the swing frequency? The current commonly used methods to indicate the mechanical swing frequency of a mechanical watch are approximately: the number of swings per hour, It is recorded as times/hour (or vph); the frequency of one cycle of the balance spring back and forth per second is recorded as Hz"; or the number of swings per second, which is the vibration commonly used in Japanese watches." The vibration frequencies of modern general watches are: 18,000 times/hour (2.5Hz, 5 vibrations), 19,800 times/hour (2.75Hz, 5.5 vibrations), 21,600 times/hour (3Hz, 6 vibrations), 28,800 times/hour (4Hz) , 8 vibrations), 36,000 times/hour (5Hz, 10 vibrations). Generally speaking, the higher the vibration frequency, the more accurate the watch. Our most common one is 8 vibrations at 4 Hz and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The high-frequency Zenith and Breguet Type are only 10 Hz (72,000 times/hour). But do you know the vibration frequency of the most common quartz watch? The vibration frequency of a quartz electronic watch is 32768 Hz, while the vibration frequency of a mechanical watch is only 4 Hz, which is more than eight thousand times different. Can a mechanical watch travel more accurately than a quartz watch?

The mechanism shows that the accuracy of the bright time is not half as high as that of quartz watches, but why is the price always more expensive than quartz watches? Because mechanical watches are still using mechanical principles that abandon modern electronic technology for timekeeping. It is people¡¯s nostalgia for traditional culture. There are many people who can play the electronic organ, but not many people who can play the piano. That kind of traditional affection is incomparable. . And as long as the mechanical watch is well maintained, it will not be a problem to use it for hundreds of years. The expensive value composition of mechanical watches comes from the brand, craftsmanship, design, materials, culture, etc. The more expensive the fake watches, the more accurate it is. The more you know about the watch, the less you will be overly entangled in the accuracy of the watch, or how big the error is, because the accuracy of a watch is not the only criterion for the quality of a watch.